With over 1,200 agencies across 109 countries, thenetworkone is the world’s leading independent agency network.

Founded in 2003, thenetworkone provides a radical new way to create and manage international marketing communications campaigns. thenetworkone provides a ‘network-on-demand' enabling marketing clients to engage independent agencies and, independent agencies to find partners across the globe.

Our best-in-class agencies range from advertising, PR, media, digital, B2B, B2C, and we can find solutions for almost anything in between.

thenetworkone also provides the opportunity for independent agencies to secure new business, learn and share through publications, member workshops, an inter-agency staff exchange program and the Indie Summit – a unique conference exclusively for independent agency leaders.

In an increasingly complex environment, thenetworkone helps independent agencies stay ahead of the curve and then successfully compete with the major international holding company networks and consultancies.

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Thenetworkone team

  • <span>Julian Boulding</span> President, thenetworkone

    Julian Boulding President, thenetworkone

    If you are a marketing client and would like to know how thenetworkone can help you find the best independent agencies, please contact:

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  • <span>Paul Squirrell</span> Director, thenetworkone

    Paul Squirrell Director, thenetworkone

    If you are an independent agency and would like to know how thenetworkone can help you find agency partners in other disciplines or countries, contact:

    email / LinkedIn
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