• Founded 2010
    • Countries Russia
    • Cities Moscow
    • Address Business center “Riga Land”, bldg. 3, entrance 1, ground floor, Mikhalkovo village, 9th km Novorizhskoe Highway, Moscow
  • Principal(s) Ekaterina Voronina - Chief Operation Officer
    Denis Koutylov - Chief Executive Officer
    Dmytro Ulianov - Strategic Director
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TOYOTA Push The Limit. Always-on


We are Adwise, the biggest independent creative agency in Russia, with 120 people. We are local, with many international clients including Toyota, Avtovaz, Shell and Johnson & Johnson.

We don’t think of ourselves as an agency, limited by a list of specializations. We are an approach, a spirit … a system that adapts and evolves with change in a world that never stand stills, for clients and their indomitable uniqueness.

Over the years we have won multiple awards for our work and we are the founders of an annual industry conference WHAT THE CHANGE.

We battle hard to win clients off network heavyweights so we treasure each and every one of them. Since we never inherited a client, we never had the luxury to be reactive. Our Clients are with us because we bring them change, because, we call ourselves The Change Agency.


Let’s talk change. Change is the only constant thing today. To generate positive change for our Clients, we must constantly change ourselves.

We see three challenges, that drive us to re-invent.

Challenge one - the inventory trap. Agencies sell Clients the inventory solutions they know, not the ones the Client needs. Client comes to BTL agency, client gets BTL. Client comes to content shop, client gets content.

Challenge two - Relevance Vs Differentiation. Today people buy a car after watching YouTube and zero test drives as they’re bombarded with targeted messages. This hyper-relevance kills brands’ differentiation and soul. No more long-term competitive advantage nor loyalty in a world of contextual tactical mess.

Challenge three - small picture syndrome. We compete with hundreds of specialized agencies for our Clients business. One creates online video, another does bloggers. None of them see the bigger picture.

We respond by closing gaps; the gap between media and creative, strategy and content, relevance and differentiation. To do that, we constantly change, to be a true brand-keeping agency in a world of chaos.

So, we changed the agency model to dedicated tailor-made work groups consisting of hand-picked experts in relevant disciplines, ideal to each client or task. For example, we created a Content Factory for Toyota, and For Lada cars, we created a cinematic storytelling Film Studio.

Adwise is a system that changes as the market changes in real time. We challenge ourselves to be ever more flexible, creative, innovative - everyday. To become the change, we preach.


Brand strategy
Creative strategy
Context analysis (cultural, business, communication)
Consumer research design & supervision
Communication planning
Channel strategies
Consumer insights
Integrated campaign planning & launch
Content production factory
Own video production
Broadcast production
3D visualization & matte painting
Digital production
SMM planning & execution
Proprietorial DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization Platform)
Digital cycle books & detailing for medical Clients
Tailor-made workshops – brand, creative ideation, channel

Top 5 clients

Avtovaz (Lada)
Johnson & Johnson


Independence gives us flexibility and speed. Being independent is a reflection of the changes in a world that never stands still and the need to keep flexible, to pro-act and change in real time. Change is the landscape in which we live and independence is the way to navigate it, to faster arrive at solutions for clients seeking to connect the dots. Independence allows us to change and shape-shift and be whatever we need to be in order to find tailor-made solutions to client’s challenges. Independence means we can surround ourselves with myriad creators and thinkers and create whatever change we need. At the same time, we have a virtual network with thenetworkone, which gives us access to resources and experience as and when required. Independence is the freedom to be the change we want to be.