Williams Murray Hamm



    • Founded 1997
    • Countries UK
    • Cities London
    • Address 10 Dallington Street
      London, EC1V 0DB
      United Kingdom
  • Principal(s) Garrick Hamm
    Wybe Magermans
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Pernod Richard - Aberlord


Williams Murray Hamm is a branding agency that works globally with clients who want to create remarkable brands, and for whom we have delivered extraordinary results. This has led to over 200 awards for commercial effectiveness and creative recognition with since 1997.

We are experts at taking on challenges that need a fresh pair of eyes. We are not a specialist in just one category or market. WMH is for clients who need a different perspective and not a business-as- usual solution.


These days, we live in a world where many messages are a cliché, hollow or false. We are surrounded by superficially, whether it’s social media, fake news, or to the same ads during the catsdoingthings YouTube videos. Brands are not a stranger to this either, and often are full of fake and meaningless messages.

Williams Murray Hamm invents and reinvents brands through creating a meaningful difference. We uncover ownable and unique truths, and express those through inventive and memorable ideas.


INNOVATION - Brand creation, growth business platforms, products and services development
STRATEGY - Positioning, brand behaviour, brand and portfolio architecture, communications strategy
CREATIVE - Identity, naming, communications, packaging, digital content, film and, in store activation
ACTIVATION – packaging roll outs, campaign activation, retouching, artwork, photography

Top 5 clients

1. Pernod Ricard
2. Castrol
3. Lamb Weston
4. Arla
5. Tesco



We see that WMH collaborate more with other creative teams and other agencies on nearly all the projects we work on. We enjoy it and it creates for more effective and impactful solutions. This has led to successful collaborations with for instance Japan’s leading advertising agency Hakuhodo on the launch of the world’s newest shipping container company; ONE.

Agility & Speed

Clients do not only demand agencies to work quicker, but they as well are catching up. Developing quicker development processes and routes-to- market. As a mid-sized team we are extremely agile and perfectly suited to work both with larger corporations and smaller entrepreneurs.

Being Adaptive

‘WMH Adaptive’ is our latest division that specialises in providing activation's efficiently & effectively. It combines creative brilliance with production knowhow. WMH Adaptive handles multi pack format roll-outs to major cross-media campaign delivery, and saves you time and money in the process.