WE Marketing Group



    • Founded 2005
    • Countries China
    • Cities Hong Kong
    • Address 62A, Creative Garden,
      2577 Longhua Road,
      China 200232
  • Principal(s) Viveca Chan
    Sam Chung
    Hugo Chan
    Kenny Wong
    Josh Li
    Keith Chan
  • Connect Website

    WeChat Account: WEGROUP威汉

Lufthansa - Treat Your Loves Ones to German Quality
Ping An Pu Hui - Trust is Power
HNA Group - Share More Dream More
Visit California - Rainbow at Night


In 2005, a group of senior executives from international 4A agencies followed their dreams to create a Chinese owned international marketing communications company - WE Marketing Group. The agency quickly grew from 10 to 300 employees and is honoured annually by the industry as a leading force in China.

Our name WE has double meaning. First it means "us", a group of people with the same passion, working side-by- side with clients as one team. It also means "West meets East", combining western marketing discipline with eastern insights.

WE’s mission: Help international brands localise and local brands globalise.


Disruption is everywhere but the power of brand remains. WE marketing believes in using creativity and non obvious thinking to bring fresh insights and solutions to build brand and customer value. Our expertise should be wide and deep, covering total marketing solution - from enterprise planning, product and business concepts, integrated communications, to e-commerce and data analytics. These services will evolve, as we stay true to our pedigree of marketing service innovation, embracing new technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and borderless thinking. We are open to partner with game-changing clients, technology specialists, and agencies in various corners of the world, to test marketing models, to make sure we are future ready, and to build the next wave of global brands.


"Closed Loop Total Marketing Solutions” effectively covers marketing 4 P’s, including services ranging from corporate strategy, product innovation, brand strategy, marketing strategy, integrated communications, to e-commerce.

Complete Menu of Services - Brand Marketing Planning, Brand Consultancy, Creative Development, Media Planning and Buying, PR & Event Marketing, Social Media/Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, CRM and Tech Solutions.

Top 5 clients

1. HNA Group
2. Hutchison Whampoa
3. Lufthansa German Airlines
4. Mercedes-Benz
5. Visit California


As we move from an era of digital transformation to an era of AI transformation, WE Marketing Group will make four fundamental changes:

Revenue Model – the shift of agency revenue base from retainer fees based to more project fee based remuneration affected steady income flow for long term talent investment. All time based models are not scalable. We are testing new revenue model that generates steady income stream, including share of client’s revenue.

Service Model – increasing emphasis will be put on how we can increase the value of the client’s business, not just communication results. Evolving our social media service to social commerce, involvement in developing the client’s product/service development, and lead management has shown encouraging results in 2017.

Organisation Structure – increase spending on “thinking staff” that is the core to creativity and insights, and reduce spending on “working staff” that can be replaced by AI and robotics.

Mindset – Encourage open thinking that embrace collaboration, shared resources, creative technology, analytical science with sixth sense thinking, respect for local culture and new business models.



WE Marketing Group:
“Top 10 Innovative Agency of the Year” from CAAC/ECI
“Best Brand & Communications Planning Firm – China” from APAC Insider Business
“Best Independent Advertising Agency – China” from 2018 Corporate USA Today
“Best Innovation in Overseas Communication” from V Marketing
“Creative Agency of the Year” from 8th Tiger Roar Awards

WE Digital:
“Top 10 Creative Digital Agency of the Year”
“Top Digital Marketing Team of the Year” from Golden Mouse Awards