Officer & Gentleman



    • Founded 2015
    • Countries Spain
    • Cities Madrid
    • Address Victor Hugo 1, 3º Izq. Madrid 28004 Spain
  • Principal(s) Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño, Co-founder and Executive Creative Director
    Alex Katz, Co-founder and Executive Creative Director
    Jose Ortiz, Managing Director
  • Connect Website


Come Out And Play – Paddy Power
The Dirtiest Porn Ever – Pornhub
Pornhub Socks – Pornhub
Sex Instruments – Pornhub
Brexit Bunker – Paddy Power


Officer & Gentleman is a creative boutique without borders, working with international clients from our home base in Madrid, Spain. Founded by creative duo Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño and Alex Katz in 2015, it’s a wholly independent agency with an in-house team of 20 supported by a vast network of partners and suppliers.

While maintaining the philosophy and flexibility of a small creative shop, we’ve managed to work with major brands in North and South America, Asia and across Europe, creating campaigns that get people talking, no matter what the language. Because for us, a good idea has the power not only to cross cultures and borders but to help bring people together around a common purpose.


We’re a small independent agency, but we try to make a big impact in whatever we do. That means taking certain risks and being brave in the way we approach any challenge that comes our way. But while some of our ideas may seem unconventional, we always have a solid strategy behind them built on research, our experience in the industry and that one magic ingredient that every good campaign needs: Thinking about what we’d like to see as consumers.

That’s why we never shy away from a brief, no matter how daunting the task or how difficult the client’s problem is to solve. So if that means going to the Carribbean to shoot an adult film on one of the most polluted beaches in the world, putting an empty bus in the UK’s largest Pride parade just to prove a point or crashing a Cadillac Escalade through a billboard in Ireland for a laugh, we’re all for it. Because we believe that there’s a creative solution to every challenge, you just have to have the determination to find it and the guts to follow through.


We’re a truly multidisciplinary agency, having produced everything from large scale events and TV ads to fully integrated campaigns and nonconventional stunts and activations. But what we really specialize in is idea-driven creative that generates conversation and debate, no matter the media; ideas that get people talking and that change perceptions about the brands we work for.

Top 5 clients

Our biggest client, and the one we’re most recognized for, is Pornhub. We began working with the adult brand in 2015, and since then we’ve helped them grow from everyone’s dirty little secret, into one of the most sought-after brands in the world. With one of our most recent campaigns, “The Dirtiest Porn Ever”, we used the brand’s massive platform to raise awareness about ocean plastics, racking up 40 million video views in the process, and helping the brand continue its march into the mainstream.

Another client we collaborate frequently with is Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. Known for their outlandish stunts and one-of-a-kind tone of voice, the brand was a perfect fit for our agency, and we’ve done some of our best work together. Our collaborations with Brighton Pride led to the agency’s first Cannes Lion, and our “Brexit Bunker” campaign with Eric Cantona allowed us to take on one of Europe’s most pressing issues with a smile.

We’ve also done a lot of work with English bookmaker Betfair, relaunching their brand for the Spanish market with a new concept and a fully integrated campaign featuring TV, radio, display, print and outdoor executions. We’ve also created a series of attention-grabbing stunts with football legends Rivaldo and Michel Salgado and with Joe Arlauckas to promote their sponsorship of the Real Madrid Basketball team.

Last year we began working with Pernod Ricard brand Beefeater in Spain to help transform their new brand platform into over 500 parties, bar activations and promotions across the country. Including everything from dynamic photobooths, custom merchandise, and choreographed performances at some of the country’s hottest clubs, we made a night with the brand a night to remember.


Being independent means having the freedom to blaze our own path and forge our own identity as an agency. It means being able to say yes, when everyone else is saying no, but also to say no when you just don’t feel it’s the right decision. And while big networks can devote time, money and resources toward winning awards and getting press for their campaigns, being independent allows agencies like ours to really own our success.

Being beholden to no one allows us to take on challenges that others might shy away from and we think our clients appreciate that. And that’s the key word here: Clients. Because we think they’re the ones that see the biggest difference between us and the big guys. But while people always talk about the “personal touch” small and independent agencies can provide, we think our real strength is our hunger, which is evident in our willingness to go the extra mile and our absolute devotion to our craft.