McGarrah Jessee



Yeti Flagship Case Study
YETI Film: "Flip Pallot"
Costa Campaign: "Don't fear the fin"
Costa Video: "The Leafcutter"


McGarrah Jessee was founded in 1996 as an experiment: to see if we could build and maintain an agency that worked only with great clients, that hired only people we most admired, and produced only work we felt proud of. We’ve held fast to that vision. Twenty-one years later, we’ve grown to 152 employees. We enjoy half the industry turnover. And our average tenure across clients is nine years.


Experience has taught us that to truly move the needle on a brand, you have to build emotional connections between the consumer and brand across every imaginable touch point. So we created an agency that thinks beyond advertising and treats each job, large and small, as an opportunity. From the 60-second spot to the hangtag. From the interactive retail display to the Instagram post. We consider creative ideas to be great ideas only when they are on-brand, strategically rooted, creatively excellent and deliver business results.


Strategy (research, brand planning, analytics)
Creative (conceptual, graphic design, UX/UI design)
Engagement (planning & buying, social media, community management)
Activation (multimedia production, studio art, photography, film & animation, digital development)

Top 5 clients

1. Whataburger
2. Frost Bank
3. Tuesday Morning
4. Brooks Running
5. Shiner Beers


Most of our growth is enjoyed organically, earning deeper involvement in our client partnerships. What’s ahead for us is directly tied to the challenges our clients face in their respective categories. We’re doubling down on research, strategy, UX and utility. The more value a brand offers, the less overt marketing you have to do.

One trend we see is increased collaboration with in-house client creative departments. Our clients often refer to our team as an extension of their own. That’s a source of pride for us. We’re implementing new workflows and training new reflexes. It’s not just about working faster and more openly; it’s about leveraging each other’s respective strengths, collaboratively. And building staffing plans, together.

Lastly, as much focus as we’re putting toward staying ahead of change, we’re devoting equal energy to preservation. We’ve built an extremely close-knit culture of owners who work with great passion and connectivity. As we grow in numbers and move more quickly, we are fiercely committed to staying bonded. We’ve been treating ourselves like a client and turning out workplace solutions that keep our culture thriving.