• Founded 2012
    • Countries Finland
    • Cities Helsinki
    • Address Kurio Oy
      Merimiehenkatu 29, 00150 Helsinki
  • Principal(s) Tommi Opas, CEO
    Elli Tuominen, Strategy Director
    Jari Lähdevuori, Creative Director
  • Connect Website


This Is Kurio // Reel 2020
Neste: Zero Exclusion
Fazer: Tutti Frutti
Microsoft: #Surfacethewomen
Nokia: Epic banana hunt
Neste: Finlandia by Forest Machines


Kurio is an award-winning creative social-first agency. We help our clients achieve their marketing and communications goals leveraging social and digital channels. We believe that social media has changed the way marketing works for good.

2019 Kurio was named the most creative agency in the EMEA region and the 3rd most creative agency in the world (Source: The Holmes Report Global Creative Index)


Some call it hype; for us it’s a passion. We create marketing that speaks to people of the social media era – connected, critical and hungry for meaning. We have seen it time and time again: once we get people engaging, talking, sharing, clicking – the results skyrocket and the business effect follows. We know the Mad Men way of doing things but have chosen to do things the opposite way; social first.

1# Social-first redefines creativity
Say no to overly polished images and pretty pictures. If an idea is not engaging, it’s outdated. A truly interactive idea is different from a traditional creative idea. An interactive idea involves its viewer and invites them to be part of the story – or better yet to make a brand part of their own story; that is a challenge that keeps us motivated and working hard every day.

#2 Actions and evidence redefine storytelling
Forget storylines, slogans and professional actors. Social media should be fueled by real people and their real actions. Blunt and outspoken beats rehearsed and relatable wins over flawless. The magic lies in capturing the authenticity in people and actions in social-first content. People of the social media era are convinced by what feels real. If you need to convey an image of a brand, think about evidence instead of slogans – evidence that shows a claim to be irrefutably true in any content.

#3 Always-on as the new backbone of marketing
Remember when you bought media as ”space”? When you paid more for a 30 second TV ad than for a 15 second one? Unlike traditional media, social works better for continuous content streams than for one-off campaigns, so you need to redefine what production value means for you. Social needs new content every week. You need to do more with less and to have at least two versions of everything in order to be able to test and adjust it according to audience feedback. In social the actual numbers beat creative intuition any day.

#4 Rethink the media-production split
The relationship between media and production investment has changed significantly in recent years. Traditionally, at least 60% of the client budget went to media and this cost was fixed, no matter how creative your content. Social channels work differently; they are significantly more cost effective and transparent in their ROI, even more so if your content is relevant. So now the new split is 20% to media and 80% to great content.

#5 Forget sprints, social is a marathon
More and more investments are flooding towards social, against a backdrop of a constantly changing media environment. In this environment, a firm strategy is the one thing keeping you from getting lost in all the options available. That means having a solid process, flowing from strategic planning to creative concepts, and measuring ROMI for all your activities.


Creative social-first campaigns
Always-on social media marketing
Inbound content marketing
Content strategy
Paid social media management
Training & coaching
Global social media management
Artificial intelligence (KURIO AI Unit)

Top 5 clients

Microsoft – We are honored to be part of building the world’s most valuable company on values like diversity and inclusion along the lines of Satya Nadella’s leadership

Neste – The biggest company in Finland has made a big shift from an oil company to the 3rd most sustainable company in the world. We’re proud to have been on their journey to become a global leader in renewables.

Kesko – The most sustainable retailer in the world (The Global 100), with the best food market in the world (IGD Awards 2019). So, we can do nothing less than create the best social media marketing for them.

Fazer – The biggest confectionary brand in Finland with global business across the world. One of last year’s biggest campaigns in Finland just landed us two Effie awards. Sweet, indeed.

Nokia Mobile – A Finnish brand icon that we would probably do work for free. Seriously, we are more than proud to be part of engaging people with the Nokia phones through social media – the love is real!


From the start of our journey, we have had one clear purpose: to embrace change. We have learned the ropes in legacy agencies and then carefully adapted our agency to do many things the opposite way; social first. We not only value our agility to change but see it as a necessity. As our name suggests, we firmly believe in staying curious. Being open needs to be built in. That’s what independency means to us. A lifeline.