• Founded 2007
    • Countries South Korea
    • Cities Seoul
    • Address PAX TOWER 10F, 609,
      Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu,
      Seoul, Korea
  • Principal(s) Hyunwoo Park
  • Connect Website


AIA_Mom’s Dish_case film
BMW_The Best Drive_case video
MARS SNICKERS_Hungry Morph Campaign
The North Face Korea_Explore every minute with McMURDO_case video
Binggrae_ Banana-Flavored Milk_Straw_Case


We are a full service digital marketing agency, providing front end consulting complete through strong content, data and technology based creative strategy, production and implementation. While we have been in the business for over a decade now, we pride ourselves on continuing on as a "new and young" company, in innovating and custom tailoring to the ever advancing and transforming requirements of our clients in partnership.


"Beloved Idea, Beloved Company" is our motto and vision, which we effort to translate in to our promise to all our employees, their families, our clients and consumers, by partnering exclusively with clients and products that have positive bearing on society as a whole, through creative work that ultimately extends positive impact on to our consumers.
Our focus is very much on our content, context, culture and our people.


Digital Marketing Consulting
Creative Strategy/Planning
Content/Media Production/Implementation
Data/Technology Based

Top 5 clients

1. The North Face
2. MARS (Snickers, M&M’s Twix, Cesar)
3. Johnson and Johnson (Tylenol, Listerine, Nizoral)
5. Airbnb


We will better combine our creative and media capabilities and offerings moving forward, with increased focus and investment in to relevant content, data and technology, including and involving VR, AR, MR and AI, endeavoring towards more innovative and sophisticated solutions to provide to our clients. We will also leverage on our experience and expertise to engage with more multinational clients to partner on both localizing inbound and globalizing outbound per respective marketing mandates.



ADFEST: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

Google Premier Partners Awards: APAC winner, Korea winner
CLIO Sports: 1 Grand, 1 Bronze
New York Festivals: 3 Finalists
Spikes Asia:
ADFEST: 1 Bronze, 3 Finalists
ADSTARS: 2 Silver, 1 Crystal
Korea Advertising Awards: 2 Grand, 2 Gold, 4 Finalists
CLIO Sports: 2 Silver
Spikes Asia: 1 Shortlist
London International Awards: 1 Finalist
ADSTARS: 3 Crystals, 20 Finalists
Korea Advertising Awards: 1 Grand, 1 Silver, 3 Finalists
Cannes Lions: 3 Shortlists
CLIO Sports: 1 Silver
New York Festivals: 5 Finalists
Effie Award Korea: 1 Bronze
ADSTARS: 3 Silvers, 2 Bronze, 2 Crystal, 17 Finalists
Korea Advertising Awards: 1 Bronze, 13 Finalists
New York Festivals: 1 Finalist
ADSTARS: 1 Silver-star, 7 Crystal, 1 Finalist
Korea Advertising Awards: 1 Bronze, 15 Finalists