Famous Innovations



    • Founded 2012
    • Countries India
    • Cities Mumbai
    • Address 61 Rose Cottage Complex
      Dr. S S Rao Road
      Mumbai 400012
  • Principal(s) Raj Kamble
    G V Krishnan
    Siddhartha Singh
    Kamal Mandal
    Mithila Saraf
    Sumit Chaurasia
    Hayden Scott
    Tulika Rungta
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Nestle India + Project Nanhi kali - #EducateTheGirlChild
State Bank of India - YONO
Raymond - Technostretch
Haier Duo
Communiti - A Brand Identity
Xiaomi - #KoiDebateNahi


Famous Innovations was founded in Mumbai in December 2012. We are 120 people today, across Mumbai , Delhi and Bangalore, working with some of India’s biggest Marketers like Nestlé, Titan, Times Television Network, Aditya Birla Group, Unilever, Mahindra, SBI etc. We offer innovative solutions in advertising, brand strategy, design, digital, content – really, anything it takes to solve marketing and communication problems in unconventional ways.

We’re two-time winners of South Asia Independent Agency of the Year, and this is our third year being featured in the World’s Leading Independent Agencies. In 2017, we were the most awarded Independent agency in India across Cannes, Kyoorius, Abby’s and Effies awards.


We believe everyone and every brand deserves to be Famous. And our way of getting you there is through innovation. Some brands are followed, innovative ones are worshipped. Some brands are category leaders, innovative ones make their own category. Some brands have big budgets, innovatives ones have big ideas. Some brands buy media, innovative ones earn it. At the end of the day, innovation is the difference between popular and famous.


Advertising; communications; innovations in product, media and strategic thinking; design; content

Top 5 clients

Nestlé India
Aditya Birla Group
Titan Company Limited
Times Network


In the last few years, we’re seeing a very polarised conversation surrounding Agencies in India. On the one side there are the monoliths – the large dinosaurs of advertising – that abide by big ideas. And on the other extreme are so called ‘new age’ outfits that are tech savvy, digital first (and speak only in memes ;)).

At Famous, we have always believed that the idea is the train and digital is just a platform. Which is why, we call ourselves a hybrid. We are still advertising puritans at heart and swear by the basics i.e. creating big ideas rooted in meaningful consumer insights. But, when it comes to getting these ideas to reach consumers, we tap into every possible new age form of communication. Our work for Nestle India, #EducateTheGirlChild, is a great example of a hybrid approach. The initiative started with a very crucial problem – girls from India’s rural and underprivileged communities are not being sent to school.

Nestle and Project Nanhi Kali wanted to educate 100 million such girls, but needed participation from the people. And that’s where we came in. In true hybrid style, we took this message to consumers through innovations at every touch point – be it packaging, product, branded content, direct mail, e-books, community-generated radio or the good old television set.

To further develop our hybrid thinking, we are stepping outside advertising and collaborating with tech experts, influencers, artists, anthropologists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, etc. We are also pushing ourselves to learn and grow from partnerships with a wide array of sources like Google, INSEAD, TED, IBM, etc.

We believe the future is hybrid – where the values of the old school meet the possibilities of the new age. And that’s where we’re headed.