BBD Perfect Storm



    • Founded 2013
    • Countries United Kingdom
    • Cities London
    • Address BBD Perfect Storm
      One Oliver’s Yard
      55-71 City Road
      London EC1Y 1HQ
  • Principal(s) Jason Foo, CEO
    Seb Hill, Executive Creative Director
    Tony Quinn, Chief Strategy Officer
    Jamie Buchanan, Client Services Director
    Fernando Desouches, Managing Director - New Macho
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Perfect Storm is a brand and cultural transformation company. We exist to help brands grow that advance the world and positively impact society.

We are proud to have featured in the World’s Leading Independent Agencies three times in our seven-year history, along with numerous other accolades for creativity and growth.

More importantly though, we’ve championed female role models, helped end the Kafala system in Qatar, tackled homophobia in sport, and contributed to people living healthier, longer and more financially secure lives.

In 2018, we launched a new division - New Macho - to redefine how the world views masculinity. This year we have been invited to be part of the UN’s Unstereotype Alliance challenging all stereotypical depictions of gender across brand marketing.

We take our work very seriously. Ourselves, not so much.


It’s no secret that the world is in a state of disruption. Every category of business, every area of technology, every facet of society is undergoing transformation.

As a result of this, every major organisation that wants to thrive in the future is driving its own transformation. Business transformation and digital transformation are on every CEO’s priority agenda. But what does transformation really mean and how is it achieved? Transformation is fundamentally about change, and it comes about by getting people to embrace that transformation: To act as one in achieving the organisation’s purpose whilst transforming their relationship with their customers and society.

Creative agencies have a unique ability to inspire, persuade and engage. When this is applied to magnifying an organisations’ purpose, the effect can be truly transformative.

Perfect Storm was founded to help organisations grow by transforming themselves and their category through creating a culture rooted in a greater purpose that creates the brand’s North Star.

We believe the only way to build brands is authentically, from the inside out.

We believe for brands that doing good, is good for business.


Defining Organisational Purpose
Brand and Cultural Transformation
Brand & Product Development
Advertising Communications
Internal Engagement and Cultural Transformation
Marketing Consultancy
User Experience Design
Web Design & Development
CRM Consultancy
Relationship Marketing & Loyalty Programme Development
Social Media Strategy & Management

Top 5 clients

Majid Al Futtaim


This is the Age of Independents, where fortune favours the brave, quick and agile.

In a world where we are used to seeing tech start ups quickly become unicorns, major global clients increasingly see smaller independents as a gateway to innovation and specialism.

Whilst the major global networks are inwardly lumbering with their own transformation challenge (and in the process trying to decide which legacy agency brands will take precedence over the other in consolidation), the independents remain more specialist, client-centric and growth focused. As a result, the indies are rapidly eroding the networks’ traditional client strongholds.

The industry is diverging in two ways. We believe the bottom half will be eroded by commoditising forces such as technology and client in-housing, so the top half is where the future lies. (Don’t be caught in the middle ‘generalist’ layer.) Of course, this top half is now also being contested by consultancies, seeking new paths to growth. However, what they lack is a fundamental culture of creativity: Something that can never be commoditised, automated or consultified. This is where we must, and will, compete.