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Schaartor 1, 20249 Hamburg, Germany

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Tobias Clairmont
Daniel Dolezyk
Thomas Eickhoff
Ralf Heuel
Hartmut Kozok
Stefanie Kuhnhen
Reinhard Patzschke

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With 270 employees from 21 countries we look after 34 clients. All of us work on one single goal: the creation of ideas that people like to share. Nationally and internationally. For big brands and for brands with big plans.

Agency Philosophy

“Participative Creativity” is the bedrock of everything we do at Grabarz & Partner. It represents exactly how much more we can achieve as a team than as individuals. How the creative process isn’t the sole preserve of creatives. Because we believe that exceptional things only come to being once we break down the boundaries between cultures and disciplines. And once everyone accepts that other people can inspire and enrich what we do. Participative creativity is based on 5 P’s: People, Performance, Pluriculturalism, Passion and Partnership.

Core Agency Skills

Strategic consulting: Brand strategy, Brand-focused business consulting, Brand strength survey / digital auditing, Digital strategy, Community strategy / content strategy, Creative planning, CRM / platform strategy incl. sub-strategies, Performance marketing, Data & analytics: social media analysis, search analysis, dataset analysis / number crunching

Media Consulting: Programmatic advertising, Channel planning / channel interplay, Data-based media strategy, Media auditing, Innovative market research tools, Customer consulting workshops, KPI development, advertising impact evaluation, Market research auditing

Communication Disciplines: CRM programme communication, Promotion / POS communication, B2B communication, Mobile app development and design, Branded services design, Employee on-boarding / communication, Traditional media (film, radio, television, print)Digital communication / online marketing (campaigning / maintenance, Community communication, Content creation, Direct / dialog marketing

Recent Awards

In 2016 Grabarz & Partner has been named Germany’s “Agency of the Year 2015”. We were No. 1 in the creativity rankings of “W&V Magazine”, “HORIZONT Magazine” and “Red Box” and one of the three most creative agencies in the world according to “The Big Won Report”. (Yeah. Boom.)

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Burger King

The world’s Leading Independent Agencies 2017 was published by Campaign in April 2017. For your printed edition, please contact or click here