Another Company

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Which Countries Are You Located In?

Mexico, Panama, Colombia & Argentina

Which Cities Do You Have Offices In?

Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota & Buenos Aires

Postal Address

Mexico City. Río Rhin 27, Cuauhtémoc, 06500

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Jaspar Eyears
Rodrigo Peñafiel

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About The Agency

Another Company with Offices in Panama and Mexico City was founded in 2004 by Jaspar Eyears and Rodrigo Peñafiel as a boutique event and PR firm to manage the Allied Domecq portfolio of liquor products in México. Over the years the agency has progressed into a full marketing & PR consultancy that covers Latin America through various specialized business units.

Agency Philosophy

We believe that through the correct communication and the strength of our network we can create a disproportionate return on our clients investments.

Core Agency Skills


Recent Awards

Fastest growing independent agency (Holmes Report)
Sabre Diamond Award - Brand Building
Sabre Gold Awards -  PR Campaign
Latin American Excellence Award

Your Top 5 Clients

Adidas Group
Grupo Vidanta

How Will Your Agency Make An Impact This Year

Key Innovation in the Market
Apart from the development of the startup and culture business units the agency has also been a key early adopter and creator of technology and services.

In 2015 we redeveloped our own media monitor software - allowing our clients to have instant access to our inhouse information on their brands - and giving a home to the nearly 90,000 pieces of media coverage generated by the agency in 2015.

We also developed the first multibrand showroom for the fashion industry in Mexico, dedicating 300 meters of office space to our brands that in turn created over 2000 pages of editorial content across the year for the fashion department.

We transitioned the entire agency from locally built ERP’s and file systems into an entirely cloud based operation, reducing lag times and increasing efficiencies dramatically.

Looking Forward to 2016
With the incorporation of new best in class clients we have modified certain strategies in the business that have given us key competitive advantages that have allowed us to achieve the growth target established in 2015.

The world’s Leading Independent Agencies 2017 was published by Campaign in April 2017. For your printed edition, please contact or click here