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Copenhagen, Denmark

Postal Address

Landemærket 29, 2nd Floor, 1119 Copenhagen

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Claus Wittenborg: CEO, Partner
Jens Krog: CEO, Partner
Sofie Svarre: Director, Head of insights & strategy, Partner
Morten Kirckhoff: Director, Head of Concept Development, Partner
Jeppe Fonnesbæk: Client Service Director, Partner
Gavin Mulligan, Creative Director, Partner
Henrik Hertz: Director, Head of Finance & Administration

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About The Agency

Advance is one of Denmark’s largest independent creative agencies. At our core, we exist to solve business problems creatively, and our team is made up of more than 80 dedicated specialists.

We began life as an advertising agency more than 40 years ago and we’ve been redefining ourselves ever since. Our constants are curiosity and realism – two values that enable us to help our clients forge new paths while still taking care of their day-to-day reality. Like any creative agency, we live and die by the strength of our ideas. But where we’re different is that much of our best work happens before the communication brief, helping our clients find original ways to solve their business challenges and creating new products or services that provide lasting competitive advantage.

Working this way doesn’t happen overnight – we have to earn our clients’ trust, and to do that we have to prove our worth right from the start of a working relationship. But when it does happen, the results tend to be impressive.

Agency Philosophy

When all is said and done, at Advance, we know putting more care into the way we work and what we deliver enables us to create that moment our clients are looking for… when a consumer stands captivated by a brand, absorbed in its intrinsic, resonating value… value that goes beyond transaction, reaching deeper, toward a more relevant emotional connection… where the consumer begins to care more for the brand.

That is what branding means to our clients and that is what branding means to us.

Care More. Nothing Less.

Core Agency Skills

Branding / Identity
Insights / Strategy
Film Production
Graphic Design
Data Management
Direct / CRM

Your Top 5 Clients

Johnson & Johnson
DOT (Danish Public Transport)

How Will Your Agency Make An Impact This Year

Late last year, we carried out a large-scale survey of Danish marketers working with international brands. The results painted a picture of marketers committed to excellence, but frustrated in their ability to deliver it. Furthermore, we identified how ensuring brand consistency across all markets, and in all channels, is a principal challenge in the face of accelerating change.

In our opinion, powerful communication alone is no guarantee of a brand’s success. Rather, we take a broader perspective, often helping clients define the essence of their brands and then working across their entire organisation to ensure coherence between what they promise and what they deliver. Thus, we make our impact by helping brands stay true in a world that never stands still.

The world’s Leading Independent Agencies 2017 was published by Campaign in April 2017. For your printed edition, please contact or click here